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The wizards behind the screen.

Dream 10X

At Dream 10X, we interview, and research, people and ideas in an attempt to extract the extraordinary. Our two-fold purpose is to both direct and inspire people bold enough to do the same. Dream 10X. Face your fears. Make your life count!

Dr. Cynthia Way Caple

Dr. Cindy Caple dreamed for years of being called “The Doctor” and finally, after a lot of work and even more money, realized the dream! Her areas of research include her passions: eco-consciousness through aesthetics and sensory based methodologies. The Doctor’s career path has not been straight-forward, but one of “Oh, this would be cool to try,” such as spending 7-years in the U.S. Navy, starting a singing business, working in the animal health field, ocean rowing, and then landing in Learning and Development. Now, after reaching her goals, her dreams have dramatically changed. She wants to be a professional blacksmith, jouster, mead-maker, and gardener for Ca Ira Castle. “Don’t dream it…Be it!”

James Caple

James Caple is on a quest to change his life, for the better, through Big Dreams and even Bigger Action. He is motivated by a sense of urgency to make his mark on the world, and experience financial freedom, before he runs out of time.


The pictures used on this website were taken from our trip to Boom, Belgium at Tomorrowland in 2017. The Tomorrowland theme in 2017 - Amicorum Spectaculum - epitomizes the spirit of Dream 10X pretty well in our minds. Dream 10X is meant to be a spectacular gathering of like-minded friends seeking to make positive changes in their lives, their family’s lives, and thus, the world.